5 Recommended Best Car Insurance You Can Get Right Away

Consider to buy a car insurance? Then you are in a right place. Here we are going to talk about some of the best car insurance company where you can get the most trustworthy insurance.
Two Types Of Car Insurance
Before jump into the list of best car insurance providers, there is an important info you need to know. Car insurance itself usually classified into 2 different types.

1. All-Risk Car Insurance
The first tips is to choose a all-risk car insurance. All-risk car insurance is the type of insurance that will cover every risk that can happened to your car. It covers both massive damage as well as small damage. This type of insurance also will cover incident such as 

2. Total Lost Only Car Insurance
This type of insurance only will cover your loss in caseyou suffer from 75% or more damage from your car’s price. This also include a total loss after a crime such as stolen car and similar case. This means your insurance will not cover any minor damage that happened to your car.

5 Recommended Car Insurance That Offer The Best Service
So, where I can buy the best car insurance? Here we compile5 best car insurance you can get right now.

1. Sinarmas Car Insurance
Sinarmas is a big name in insurance industry and they also provide car insurance. They offer several type of car insurance that give their client a privilege to choose which one suit their need. Their all-risk insurance not only cover for your car damage, but also can cover other damage including medical coverage in case of traffic accident.

2. ACA Otomate
ACA Otomate offers several package that come with several interesting feature. In case of total lost happened to a new car, the will make sure the client will get another new car. They also provide roadside assistance that will be ready whenever your car suddenly stopped while you are driving.

3. Garda Oto Car Insurance
Another big name in this list is Garda Oto. One thing that make this insurance company stand out is their choice to use a digital service for their car insurance service. You can do all transaction, such as buying the insurance to monthly bill can be done digitally.

4. Allianz Mobilku
Allianz is known as one of the biggest insurance company in Indonesia. They also provide a service for car insurance that goes by the name of Alliaz Mobilku. They offer a variety of choice for their client and make sure they can find the one they needed. Claiming process can simply done via SMS and their website. In addition they also offer some insurance that will take care of the client even if they are outside of the country.

5. AXA Auto
AXA Auto offers some choice of package that you can choose based on your preference. Their package also include unexpected accident such as natural disaster, conflict, terrorism, and many more.

That is 5 best car insurance you that provide the best service and coverage.


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