Best 5 Company to Get Your Life Insurance

Having a life insurance can help you prepare yourself and your loved one in case the worst coming. As any other insurance types, it will cover those who suffer from financial loss if certain thing happened. Willingness to prepare for the worst became one of the main reason why people decided to own a life insurance.
Another common reason is to help some people with certain type anxiety. Life insurance can performed as a way to make the owner feel more at ease. Another popular reason is to make life insurance as a form of investment. In the long run,life insurance can be a profitable investment as well as its main protection function.
To be able to enjoy the benefit of life insurance you have to make sure you get your insurance from a reliable and trustworthy company. This is important because it means you will continuously paying the fee and of course do not wanting any regret later. 
The question is, which insurance company provide the best and trusted life insurance. Here we listed 5 recommendationyou can consider before decide to buy your life insurance.
1. Manulife
Manulife formed back then in 1985 and currently operating in Canada, United States, and Asia. They provide several type of insurance, such as accident and health insurance, investment and pension insurance and of course life insurance. In Indonesia alone, their clients are recorded to be more than 2.4 million people. Their more than 100 years’ experience and clean reputation keeps them as one of the most trustworthy life insurance provider out there.
2. FWD Life
The second company in this list is FWD Life which is a part of FWD Group. Along with another type of insurance, they also provide life insurance. This insurance company has gained quite a lot of good reputation, especially around Asia-pacific area. This company dedicated to give their best service to make sure their user satisfied.
3. Jiwasraya
This company once named Nederlansche IndischeLevenverzekering en Lijvrente Maatschappij back in 1959. Then in 1973, it naturalized and change its name into PT Asuransi Jiwasraya. This company keep growing and become one of the lead insurance company in Indonesia. In 2013, their total asset are 17 trillion rupiahs and expected to be more in the upcoming years.
4. Generali Indonesia
This insurance company is a part of Generali Group, an Italian-formed enterprises. It is known as one of the most reputable insurance company in Europe. In Indonesia alone, their marketers are already exceed more than 11.000 person. It also received some national award for the best service they give toward their service, including their life insurance service.
5. Sequis Life
Sequis life has been around since 1984 and has gone through a lot of changing in ownership status. This caused them to be one of the most innovative insurance company you can find in Indonesia. They are focused to make sure their user receive the best service from their life insurance product.
That is our list of 5 recommended insurance company that provide their best life insurance product.


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