Get To Know A Car Insurance Coverage And How To Choose It

Car insurance become more popular as many people start taking care of their vehicle in the recent year. Car insurance come with a lot of benefit that attract many people to buy them. The benefit is not a joke since they really offer a financial protection to their owner. For example, you don’t have to worry if one day your car will suffer in a car accident, because it will be covered by your insurance.

Another advantage is come from inside your mind. As any other type of insurance, car insurance can help people to reduce their anxiety or make them less worried, especially about their driving safety and their car. Consider those advantages, of course it’s totally make sense that many people start to buy car insurance.
Car insurance itself available in variety of type that have their own advantage. In general you can divide them into 3 types, all-risk insurance, total lost insurance, and the hybrid or custom insurance.

Types Of Car Insurance
In general you can find 3 type of car insurance offered in the market. Those types are include:

1. All-Risk Insurance
This type will make sure your car is protected from all kind of threat that could happen. This means it will cover both major and minor damage that suffered by your car. Not only that, it will also take care of your medical expense in case of traffic accident. Some all-risk insurance also cover a third party financial loss if they are also suffered from the accident.

2. Total Lost Only (TLO)
Total lost only (TLO) will only cover when your car suffer a damage as much as 75% and more of the car’s price. It doesn’t cover minor damage but will definitely give a big financial support in case your car totally damaged.

3. Custom Insurance
Custom type can be a hybrid of all-risk and TLO or simply a tailored feature based on customer specific need. This way you can get a car insurance that totally suit to your need.

Tips To Choose Which Type Of Car Insurance You Need
Here some tips you can follow before choosing which type of car insurance you actually need.

1. Examine you driving environment.
2. Make list of which risk threaten your car the most.
3. Consider how much budget can you spend on car insurance.
4. Find as much as information about insurance companies that provide car insurance.
5. Make sure to find at least 3 company information, the more the better.
6. Compare each insurance company to find which is the most suitable.
7. Check their users’ review to find an objective valuation.
8. Check their joint workshop or repair center.
9. Do not hesitate to contact them directly to see how good they service are.
10. Read every feature policy, term, and conditions carefully, do not hesitate to ask more.
11. Only buy once you feel totally understand and don’t feel any burden at all.

That is our tips on choosing the best car insurance type, we hope it will help you make your best decision.


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