Trusted Life Insurance Company That Available Everywhere

Life insurance became one of the most common insurance you can get out there. This type of insurance offers a protection in case someone passed away and left those who financially dependent. This insurance mostly used by family to make sure they can cope if the main the one that support the family financially passed away.
Currently you can easily find a lot of company offering their insurance. If you plan to have one, you have to make sure that you get your insurance from trusted company. This is of course not something new, it is a common knowledge that you have to be careful whenever you want to put your money in any institution.
If you are wondering which company that proven to be trusted, here we listed best 5 insurance company that offer lifeinsurance.

1. AIA Financial
This reputable insurance company has a great reputation. This company is a subsidiary from the AIA Group and constantly monitored by OJK (Financial Service Authority). AIA Financial offers a variety of insurance service. Their products range from health insurance, worker or employer insurance, retirement insurance, and of course life insurance. AIA Financial has received a lot of award and record that shows how this company trusted by both client and general public.

2. Allianz
Allianz is another big name in insurance service industry that has been around since 1890. Good reputation of this company has been internationally acclaimed. Back in 2013 Allianz was placed as 25th biggest company in the world by Forbes magazine.
This company start operating in Indonesia back in 1981 and keep on growing to the present year. Their life insurance service started in 1996 and became one of their most recognizable service. In total currently Allianz provide their service to more than 7 million people.

3. AXA Mandiri
This insurance company established for the first time in 1991. It started providing life insurance in 2004 and keep growing into one of Indonesia’s biggest insurance company. This insurance company is a joint venture between AXA Group and the reputable Bank Mandiri. Life insurance become this company main offer alongside with asset management service and general insurance.

4. Prudential
Another familiar name in this list is Prudential. This company formed in England before expanded to some other countries. This company has been in life insurance business for more than 150 years which make them one of the most trusted insurance company you can find out there. In 2007 they became the pioneer of the growing Sariah life insurance in Indonesia.
5. Cigna
Cigna Indonesia formed in 1990 and is a part of Cigna Corporation, United States-based company. Internationally this company currently provide insurance for more than 95 million people. Life insurance is one of their notable service that also gain a lot of trust in public eye.
That is 5 of the most trusted insurance company you can find almost anywhere. All five of them has been proved by both experience as well as public eyes as trustworthy service that provide life insurance service.


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